The Art of Precepts

Vengeance for Oleg and Betsy (Svetlana)
Session 1

Nakor, Bellaluna, and Zephyr arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post and bluffed their way through the assumption that they were the ones sent to defeat the bandits. Using supplies at the trading post they fashioned two throwing nets to be used by catapult to trap the bandits. After practicing to make sure it would be successful, Nakor estimated Svetlana to be incapable of aiming her catapult and set it for her while Zephyr manned the second. Bellaluna waited in hiding to ambush the bandits under Nakor’s invisibility.

When the bandits showed up the next day they quickly fell to a barrage of nets, color spray, and Bellaluna’s short sword. Happs spilled the beans on the Bandit camp to the south after the group took all the bandits captive and liberated their horses. Bellaluna picked out her favorite and named her Black Beauty.

Oleg rewarded the group for helping with free room and board for life and gave the group supplies to let them reach the bandit camp easily. The next evening the group set off to get back Oleg’s supplies, find Kressle and search for the wedding ring.

Once they reached the camp, Bellaluna scouted out the area so they knew what they were up against and verified Happs information. They began the assault with Bellaluna slaying one of the watch tower guards with an arrow through the throat while Nakor hypnotized the second. After Nakor disabled the second guard Zephyr roasted the remaining sleeping guards with Burning Hands, killing everyone but Kressle who was quickly disabled by Nakors charm person.

The charmed Kressle filled the group in about everything she knew concerning the Stag Lord and his fortress to the south and that the mites stole loot that contained the wedding ring, before being fed Alchemical Fire and burning from the inside out.


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